Neoprene version of an Inuit sealskin hunting float.
The Avataq can be used as a sponson or self-righting aid

Due to the buoyancy the avataq is a great tool for training the initial stages of rolling or hand rolling since you can roll slowly focusing on body movement.

Turner Wilson, Delmarva 2006

The avataq was a very important hunting and safety device and came in many different shapes and sizes. In old days' East Greenland they often had two inflatable chambers. This way you could balance your paddle on the float and have a chamber on each side thus avoiding the avataq to roll over. The amount of air in the avataq was crucial for the hunt of bigger prey. From experience the hunter knew how much air was needed in the avataq. Too much air and the harpoon line would break due to the violent force and too little air would mean the prey could dive further making it harder to catch the prey after harpooning.


Avataq - inflatable flotation device

  • Color: Black
  • Size: One size
  • 3 mm two sided neoprene
  • 25 mm straps for attachment
  • Oral inflate valve

Price 85 Euro